A fresh coat of paint

Our new website: a project matching our ambitions.

The new N7 Consulting website is the outcome of several months of efforts, both from the Junior Enterprise’s administrators who wanted to start the content from scratch, but also from our two interns who managed to perform in record time a high quality work: Gautier, in his 2nd year studying digital science, carried out the entire website’s structure while Clothilde, in 2nd year of fluid mechanics studies , translated all texts into English. This site fully reflects the ambitions of the 43rd mandate of N7 Consulting.

A new way of communicating

The COVID-19 crisis directly impacted our mandate since we took office right before the start of quarantine. We therefore had to quickly adapt to communicate effectively remotely, to enhance the motivation of our team, and quite naturally to maintain a strong bond between us. In order to set up the website, its structure and discuss it all together, we had to think together through many Google Meetings all summer long. This is something that we were not used to, but which quickly became a habit since this is how we have been able to achieve all of our CAs and GAs over the past four months.

The implementation of this new website started from a simple observation that became increasingly obvious as the sanitary crisis went along: digital technology is nowadays an essential and critical tool for the continuity of the commercial activity of a Junior-Business. It therefore seemed important to us to completely rethink our website in order to set up a more accessible and pleasant interface for our users.

Fundamental projects

Following quarantine, we had to review some of our goals and focus on actions requiring significant long-term work without physical exchanges. Hence our decision to finalize the launch of our new website, to completely rethink our recruitment system and to start building a future new partnership. We were also able to apply for the organization of the Regional Autumn Congress with Agro Toulouse Consulting, the Junior Creation of ENSAT, which we support in their development.

A new way of thinking

Even if our mandate remains very motivated by the idea of ​​being able to organize physical events again for the Junior Enterprise initiative and for students, we were able to rethink our process and to notice that in some situations, the use of digital technology makes it possible to improve and enhance our work.

– Milo Drala

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