Newsletter Juillet 2021

🚀 The development of N7 Consulting on a local scale has been a priority for its members since they took office. Thus, with its participation in two regional events (Cybersecurity Occitania meetings and Time To Be Together organized by the French Tech Toulouse) and its involvement in the grouping of Toulouse Junior-Enterprises, N7 Consulting affirms its will to become a key player in its field in Occitania.

📈 Since April, N7 Consulting has continued to distinguish itself within the National Movement of Junior-Enterprises. With a new Consultant-Auditor, a final in a national competition of visual inter-JE and its place of finalist in the ALTEN Prize for the Best Engineering Study, N7 Consulting multiplies its progress.

🤝 For the first time in its history, N7 Consulting has signed a partnership with a foreign Junior-Enterprise which is none other than JEMP, the Junior-Enterprise of Polytechnic Milan. This partnership is an opportunity for our two Junior-Enterprises to share our knowledge and to promote a development on a larger scale.

#WeAreJE #N7crew

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