Newsletter Novembre 2021

A zoom on our recruitment 🔍 :

The beginning of the school year is synonymous with recruitment at N7 Consulting in order to prepare the handover which will take place in March 2022. The recruitment is punctuated by trainings, interventions of our partners but also by selection steps such as a written test on the training content or an interview.

A look back at the Autumn Regional Congress 🍁 :

On October 16 and 17, N7 Consulting organized the Regional Autumn Congress of the South-West Region which brings together all the Junior-Entrepreneurs of the region. Nearly 185 Junior-Entrepreneurs met together, i.e. 20 Junior-Enterprises. In particular, our Italian Junior-Enterprise partner JEMP made the trip for the occasion. The congress took place at the ENSEEIHT and welcomed the French Tech Toulouse and the Vice-President of the Haute-Garonne Department Council but also some of the premium partners of the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises namely ALTEN, EY and ENGIE.

A presentation of one of our studies with the CNES 🧪:

Two of our speakers, followed by Lou Dupuis as Business Manager worked on the redesign of the CNES business base allowing a good management of the analysis requests of their expertise laboratory.

#WeAreJE #N7crew

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