Our Junior Enterprise

Established in 1977, N7 Consulting is now a leading engineering Junior Enterprise in South Western France. Our success finds its roots in our core values: Commitment, Passion, Expertise.


Inspired by our resolute generation, Junior-Entrepreneurs are committing daily to the development of a world with stronger sustainability and humanitarian values.

N7 Consulting’s engagement is above all human and environmental:

N7 Consulting is as well committed in the Junior-Enterprise initiative:


N7 Consulting stands out thanks to its versability, due to the diversity of ENSEEIHT education, but also by its academic excellence.


N7 Consulting was established in 1977. Each year we pass down our legacy to a new team, and thus give them the opportunity to improve and stimulate our Junior Enterprise.

Our strong adaptability facilitates our collaboration with numerous and diverse customers. This N7 Consulting core value is highlighted in our high-standard missions by their success, quality, and by our client’s satisfaction.

Our performance of being in the top 30 best Junior Enterprise of France is to us the reward of numerous years of hard work, and to you the guarantee of our thoroughness and our top notch skills.

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