Become an administrator

What is an administrator?

Being an administrator in our ENSEEIHT Junior Enterprise is above all a state of mind. It is being part of a team that aims to achieve several objectives:

If you wish to get involved in the school associative life and get a first step in the business world, come and join our team in this unique adventure!

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Why become an administrator?

You may also be interested in becoming a consultant.


How to become an administrator?

At N7 Consulting, each Mandate lasts a single year, and students are only entitled to a single application during their first year at ENSEEIHT. This pace makes the process of “Recruitment, Training, Transfer” all the more important since the Junior Enterprise activity cannot be interrupted between two Mandates.

This year we decided to reshape the recruiting structure to improve its efficiency, while ensuring that we have a tight-knit and functional team as soon as they take on the job. Our goal is that each Junior entrepreneur can fully experience their adventure.

Mandate 42

This process will run from 2020 as follows:

If you are curious to know this year’s administrators, you may want to discover our team.

Mandate 42