Our alumni

What is an Alumnus

An Alumnus is a former member of the Junior Enterprise. Since its establishment in 1977, our structure’s story has been written by 43 mandates. This is how hundreds of people have participated in N7 Consulting’s development throughout decades. Being an Alumnus of our Junior Enterprise is being a part of a family that shares common values and ambitions.

Alumni of N7 Consulting

For now several years, we have an Alumni manager, whose mission is:

After 43 years of existence, N7 Consulting has a very unique story, written by its members. The Alumni Manager takes an interest in this legacy and is responsible for the good relations between previous and current administrators.
— Jonathan Fritz, HR Manager of the 43rd Mandate

Alumni and a Junior Enterprise on a daily basis

For our Junior Enterprise, Alumni are a real opportunity as they can bring us all at once experience, different perspectives on the Junior Enterprise initiative, and maturity, which are all very helpful for our decision making. This is why every year, we try to involve them as much as possible in our activities, through:

Alumni of N7 Consulting


Marc Jalabert

Marc Jalabert was the 10th president of our Junior Enterprise in 1987. After creating the Jetai89 in his last year of engineering school, he started working at Microsoft where he spent more than 30 years in both Europe and the United States. He is currently engaged in the development of startups, and remains very active at ENSEEIHT, of which he is the Chairman of the Board.

Our Junior Enterprise allowed me to assert very early on my passion for the entrepreneurship and technology fields. I learned tremendously while managing projects with my team, and being in direct relationship with actual clients!

Pierre Laurent

Pierre Laurent was part of the 8th Mandate, in 1985, of which he was president. After completing his studies, he worked notably at Intel, Microsoft and various startups. He is now a consultant on subjects concerning innovation and growth. He also frequently intervenes in international medias on issues concerning the link between technology, people and children.

The Junior Enterprise represents for me the first real contact with companies, after achieving the classical path of preparatory school. I had the opportunity to acheive various negotiations, to network as well as performing a podcast; all of this paved the way to my first step into the real world.

Anthony Le Bescond

Anthony Le Bescond was Mandate 41st’ President. He completed his engineering studies with a master in Strategy and Management of International Business at ESSEC Business School.

To join a Junior Enterprise is, in my opinion, a unique opportunity to acquire fundamental professional skills, to clarify one’s career choices and to develop a profile valued by employers. This experience taught me a lot on a professional level, while developing in me a certain appetite for the world of consulting, but it was moreover an enriching experience at the human level. I was fortunate to join N7 Consulting in a motivated team, which was dedicated to the growth of our structure, and which managed to put its knowledge to the service of our students and our clients. I will keep an unforgettable memory of all the moments we shared and I can only recommend this adventure to those who have this opportunity.