Our partners

Our professional partners have a privileged part to play within our structure: they support us in our development and give us the opportunity to organize various events in our school throughout the year.

Here are their video introduction.

Our sponsorships

Agro Toulouse Consulting

In early 2019, N7 Consulting established a sponsorship of ENSAT’s Junior Enterprise: Agro Toulouse Consulting. We are mentoring them in their development by coaching them and giving them various advice. This sponsorship is a success and enabled ATC to boost their operations. Lucie Potier’s statement, ATC president:

N7 Consulting sponsorship provides us with a precious help on a daily basis in the development of our recent structure. They are always attentive and available, and give us multiple suggestions, allowing us to progress continuously. Finally, we appreciate their unfailing support in the implementation of our projects.


Pro’pulse, IMT Mines-Albi’s Junior Enterprise, and N7 Consulting have been collaborating since 2018. This partnership is mainly about the exchange of trainings and advice. Labelled as Junior-Initiative since now a few months, our wish is to mentor them to our best ability in order for them to reach the Junior Enterprise status. Manon Robin’s statement, Pro’pulse’s president:

Our privileged relationship with N7 Consulting allows us to get constructive feedback on our work in a non-audit setting. Having an external point of view and new ideas on our structure enables us to perform better. Their support in our projects is also very gratifying.

Our student partnerships

We are also committed to supporting student initiatives. This is why in 2020 we chose to support Phoenix Gala – the association which organizes the ENSEEIHT Gala every year – and the Toulouse Entreprises Forum, which facilitates contacts between companies and students. In the same direction, we have recently entered into a partnership with Optimize, the Toulouse Business School association which aims to promote entrepreneurship.