Our school

The ENSEEIHT is a public engineering school located downtown Toulouse and well known for her three expertise fields: “Digital Science”, “Electronics, Energy, Electricity and Automation”, and “Fluid Mechanics, Energy and Environmental Engineering”. It is among the six schools in the Toulouse INP group. Founded in 1907, it now has 14,000 active graduates with strong scientific and technical skills.


Our school is among the most prestigious ones in France, and reached a high ranking in well known media as for instance L’Étudiant or Le Figaro, which demonstrates a reputed academic excellence, developed international links and a close bounds with businesses. This fame shows the thoroughness and conscientiousness of the education provided to our students.

We maintain great relations with our administration which supports us in most of our initiatives: this goes from organising a shared event to regular communications in order to stay updated on our work.

ENSEEIHT’s laboratories contribute, thanks to their international reputation, to the prestige of our school. N7 Consulting is in close contact with its partner laboratories, which gives it the opportunity to collaborate with reputed research fellows and to have an access to high-tech equipment.