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With 43 years of experience, ENSEEIHT’s Junior Enterprise selects the best engineering students in the following domains:

Digital transformation

From e-commerce solutions to showcase websites, including mobile applications, N7 Consulting has accumulated a wide experience in the management and delivery of web projects. This experience guarantees a high level of service for your project, and for its success. We address a wide sample of digital services, as for instance cybersecurity, telecommunications, networks or database management, by means of an excellent education.

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Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation

The matching sector of our school is based on three main axes: Automation, Electronics and Electrical engineering. Our consultants are thereby able to proceed in many cutting-edge sectors: robotics, embedded systems, signal processing, system integration, modelling of automatic systems, innovative electrical systems and power electronics, industrial data processing, as well as solving issues in electromagnetics and in electrical machine scaling. Thanks to our specialisation of excellence, enthusiastic students will carry out your projects.

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Hydraulics and Thermics

Established in the core of the First School of Hydraulics in France, N7 Consulting offers you high-quality services. Our consultants are specialised in energetic and thermic sciences, closed-conduit flow and free surface hydraulics modelling and simulation, as well as environmental engineering.

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