Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation

N7 Consulting is expert in the following fields:


  • Embedded development
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry
  • Symfony
  • Signal processing
  • IOT

Electrical engineering

  • Automatic
  • Numerical Physics
  • Energy Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering

Our latest studies

Automated piano for an art exhibition

Céleste Boursier Mougenot, a contemporary art artist, contacted N7 Consulting in 2014 in order to realize a work entitled “off road”. The principle of the work is the following: three pianos move randomly in an exhibition room (first in the museum “Les Abattoirs” in Toulouse and then in a museum in Madrid). She trusted us and we met her expectations.

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Thales test bench demonstrator

Within the context of the development of a helicopter pilot bench demonstrator equipment, this study focused on the modification of the mechanical part (flight controls) in order to comply with pre-established specifications. They trusted us and two students from the 3EA (Electronics, Electrical and Automatic) program at ENSEEIHT were chosen for this 2-month mission. To carry out this mission the consultants have:

  • Carried out the study of an aerodynamic fairing.
  • Carried out tests on the factory site
  • Produced a detailed documentation of their modifications
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Electronic fire prevention system

Optomesures asked N7 Consulting to design a system to detect fire risks in barns. This system is proposed to insurances in order to reduce the risks. They trusted us and we met their expectations.

For this study, several probes constituting a network of sensors (temperature and humidity) were connected to a Raspberry electronic card in order to retrieve the data periodically. The electronic card then sends the data to a website via a telephone network (4G) for analysis.

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