Web & Software

InformatiqueFrom e-commerce solution to showcase website through mobile applications, N7 Consulting has extensive experience in managing and implementating of web projects. This experience ensures a high level of performance for your project and the success of the latter. Depending on your needs we will use a CMS (Content Management System) like Wordpress or Drupal or will create from scratch site's architecture based on modern frameworks like Symfony or Django.

Achievement examples :

Web Software
  • Showcase website for an NGO and internal newsgroup for its members
  • carpooling platform for an intranet
  • Automation of payment process for an online dating website
  • E-commerce site commissioning relationship between professionals and individuals
  • Price comparison between mobile phone vendors
  • Travel suggestion algorithm according to consumer tastes
  • Mobile application for workload management.
  • Vision software to control moving objects.


electroniqueN7 Consulting is located in the heart of one of the best electronics schools in France. Our student workers are thus able to solve complex problems such as the modeling of electronic systems to simulate faults. Robotics is at the heart of the ENSEEIHT teachings and offers us many possibilities to develop your projects of connected objects.

Achievement examples :

  • Creation of a spectral decomposition map of sound waves
  • Creation of electronic probes to measure the flow of sap in trees
  • Control card of a mobile piano according to the information provided by wireless sensors

Telecommunications & Network

telecommunications N7 Consulting can help you on your projects of telecommunications or networks. We have mastered skills in the following solutions :

Engineering Digital transmissions Security
  • Solving Optimization Problems
  • Simulation of a network
  • Understanding performance problems in different types of networks
  • Database
  • Signal analysis and processing
  • Dimensioning and architecture of a digital receiver
  • Implementation of virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Network Security Policy


hydrauliqueLocated at the heart of the first school of hydraulics in France, N7 Consulting offers you high quality services. Our student worker are specialized in energy, thermal, modeling and numerical simulation as well as environmental engineering.

We are competent to carry out projects such as :

  • Determination of flows around obstacles in the presence of heat exchanges
  • Calculations for free-surface hydraulic systems: canals, irrigation, water reservoirs, falls
  • Dimensioning of hydraulic systems under load: piping, falling power, water distribution network
  • Calculations on compressible flows: gas lines, engine
  • Solving problems of transporting solids in a river: sands, branches
  • Risk prevention: floods, flood modeling


automatiqueThe Electrical and Automation Engineering Department offers training in three main areas: automation, power electronics and electrical machines. Industrial computing, Metrology, Modeling of automatic systems as well as solving electromagnetic or electrotechnical problems. Thus, our student workers are able to act in the following fields : Industrial computing, Metrology, Modeling of automatic systems as well as solving electromagnetic or electrotechnical problems.

Examples of realizations:

  • Motorization of a piano
  • Simulation of a power coil and optimization of the magnetic field